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Benvenuto al mondo di sauna


The massage therapy is un' olistica option to take care of editions as a result of muscles thesis and to the depression. The pressure has applied from the bars and the hands and the feet of the result of the masseur nell' effective reduction of pain and the designated relaxation.


The pregnant women, patient of heart with the term of hypertension or low level or the suffering from all the disease that has effect negative of I bathe of sauna would have in the first instance to consult a doctor regarding their physical condition and the duration of the period that they can take I bathe of sauna. It is always better to before try the council adapted from your doctor that anyone is planning to try bathes of sauna for all the reason. The people that she consumes l' alcool or is enduring a sure drug would have in the first instance to consult their doctor before that they try the sauna.

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